DataMade offers a range of services for data-driven narratives and building tools for streamlining data preparation, including:


  • Data-driven narratives
  • Strategic consulting
  • User research
  • Process design and optimization
  • Content and communication
  • Project promotion and messaging
  • Training on data and visualization tools

Domain expertise

  • Record matching and entity resolution
  • Federal and State campaign finance data
  • Legislative systems and data
  • Cook County criminal justice data
  • Illinois education data
  • U.S. Census data


  • Online maps and visualizations
  • Budget visualizations
  • Open source development
  • Website development
  • API development


  • De-duplicating and linking data
  • Data scraping
  • Data analysis and modeling
  • Geospatial analysis and transformation
  • Releasing, preparing and vetting open data


We also offer a number of data and open government products:

  • Dedupe - Quickly and automatically find similar rows in a spreadsheet or database.
  • Budget Breakdown - An online budget visualization. Empower your audience to browse and compare your budget year over year. Dive in to breakdowns of every fund, department or agency, all the way down to the expense line.
  • Councilmatic - Your local city council, demystified. Search and browse your local legislation, representatives, and meetings.

Working with DataMade

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