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NYC Councilmatic

NYC Councilmatic
Project website
Data processing and presentation, user research
Participatory Politics Foundation
September 2015

An open government tool for understanding and tracking what’s happening in New York City Council.

More about this project

We partnered with the Participatory Politics Foundation, with funding from the Rita Allen Foundation to overhaul the Councilmatic platform, already running in Philadelphia and Chicago, to the City of New York.

NYC Councilmatic allows you to search and browse all active, passed and stale legislation from New York City Council. You can also see and track the activities of each of the 38 committees, and see all past and upcoming council meetings and hearings.

The new platform is built on top of Open Civic Data platform for standardizing information about people, organizations, events and bills at any level of government.

We’re excited to bring this powerful new transparency tool to our nation’s largest metropolis, and plan to spread it to other cities soon!