About us

DataMade is a civic technology company. We build open source technology using open data to empower journalists, researchers, governments and advocacy organizations.

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The DataMade team

Where we come from

DataMade was born out of Chicago's Open Government community. In 2011, Derek Eder and Forest Gregg started working on civic technology as volunteers of Open City. At nights and over weekends, they've helped make civic apps like Chicago Lobbyists, Vacant and Abandoned Building Finder, and CPS Tiers.

In 2012, DataMade was founded to deepen and sustain the impact of civic technology.

DataMade and Chicago's Civic Tech Community

DataMade is a recurring sponsor and acts as the fiscal agent for Chi Hack Night, Chicago's premier civic hacking event. We also host the Chi Hack Night website.

Members of DataMade continue to maintain civic apps under the Open City banner to allow collaboration on open source projects. Several Open City projects have been fully adopted by DataMade including Look at Cook, Councilmatic, ClearStreets and 2nd City Zoning.