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Student Union
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Data processing and presentation, web and information design, user research
November 2017

A tool to help match high-school students with their best-fit colleges.

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The problem of “undermatching” affects millions of college students, particularly those from low-income districts and first-generation enrollees. Students may attend a college with low graduation rates or one that does not accommodate their unique needs.

DataMade partnered with Uptake.org and OneGoal to tackle this problem. We built a tool that guides students to attainable goals and best-fit colleges. The site asks students a set of simple questions (test scores, GPA, ethnicity), and the predictive matching tool classifies hundreds of schools as “Just right”, “Stretch”, “Moonshot”, and “Look carefully.” The student can then curate a list of colleges based on location, campus size, likelihood of admission, and other school attributes, and teachers and guidance counselors can view the student selections.