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New York City Councilmatic

New York City Councilmatic
Project website
Data processing and presentation, user research
New York City Council
December 2017

An open government tool to help users access, track, and understand the activities of New York City Council.

More about this project

NYC Councilmatic allows users to search for legislation from New York City Council, view committee activities, and learn about past and upcoming council meetings and hearings. Users can create an account and sign-up for notifications to stay up-to-date on meaningful changes to legislation, people, and events.

We partnered with the NYC Council to build NYC Councilmatic. However, this project represents a reimagining of the original site – a collaboration between DataMade and the Participatory Politics Foundation, supported by funding from the Rita Allen Foundation.

An open-source platform, built on top of the Open Civic Data standard, Councilmatic is easily re-deployable in new cities. Want to bring this powerful transparency tool to your city? Learn how to create a version of Councilmatic, or get in touch with Datamade.