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Los Angeles Metro Councilmatic

Los Angeles Metro Councilmatic
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Data processing and presentation, user research, map visualization
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
May 2017

An open government tool for understanding and tracking the activity of the Board Members of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

More about this project

In 2013, DataMade began to nuture and grow its ever-expanding family of Councilmatic websites. An open government tool, Councilmatic encourages greater public dialogue and increased awareness about policy change at the local level.

DataMade brought Councilmatic to the west coast with the launch of Los Angeles Metro Councilmatic. This unique version of Councilmatic tracks the activities of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) – a government agency that consists of several Board Members, who set policy, coordinate, plan, fund, build, and operate transit services and transportation programs throughout LA County.

Metro Councilmatic demonstrates the adaptability of the Councilmatic platform. Read more about how DataMade reimagined Councilmatic for the Golden State on our blog.

And there’s more! DataMade designed Councilmatic to be easily re-deployable in new cities: it is an open-source tool, built on top of the Open Civic Data standard. Learn how to create a version Councilmatic for your city.