Data made at DataMade

At DataMade, we've created many custom data extracts and merges for our various projects. Here, we make all our data available for others to reuse.

Name Description Updated
Cook County Parcels and Addresses A merge of the 1.4 million parcel shapes in Cook County (2012) and one or more addresses for each parcel that has, within Chicago and Suburban Cook County, an observable, physically addressable structure. May 2014 Download (586mb zip)
Illinois Campaign Finance Bulk downloads of Illinois campaign contributions and expenditures from the Illinois State Board of Elections going back to 1994. Read more on Daily Download (170mb zip)
Large Lots Parcels The City of Chicago is selling vacant residential lots for $1. These are the lots that were available to purchase in Greater Englewood (Pilot 1) and East Garfield Park (Pilot 2). Read more on August 2014 Download (88.9kb zip)
Trees in Chicago Urban Tree Canopy Analysis from 2009 and shapefiles (in SHP EPSG:4326 and GDB format) of trees in the City of Chicago. November 2013 Download (593mb zip)