The Launch of

Published on Apr 04, 2014

The City of Chicago is selling empty lots to South Side residents for $1 until April 21st, 2014 as part of their neighborhood stabilization initiative.

To lower the barrier to apply for one of these ~4,000 lots and increase the number of potential applicants, we made an app to help residents find eligible lots and navigate this process: was initiated by Demond Drummer at Teamwork Englewood, built by DataMade and funded by LISC Chicago with support from the Boeing Corporation, and the Knight Foundation for LISC’s OpenGov for the Rest of Us project.

For the open data enthusiasts out there, we built the map by merging the City Owned Land Inventory and Chicago Wards with the recently released Cook County Parcels (yay!). You can download the list of eligible properties, lots shapefile and the program area boundary.

If you live on the same block as one of these lots, go buy it!