Hannah Cushman Garland is a wayward journalist turned software developer based in Chicago. She cut her teeth on public life in mid-Missouri, covering municipal economic development (ask her about enterprise zones) and elections. An alumna of the Missouri School of Journalism and a veteran of the Associated Press, Hannah remains deeply interested in people, systems, and power. She brings a healthy skepticism to technology, believing that it can alleviate specific pain points but is rarely a solution in and of itself. At DataMade, Hannah is a cultivator of team growth and a steward of the DataMade stack. She has led or contributed to a number of years-long projects, including LA Metro Councilmatic, the Illinois Public Salaries Database, and WhoWasInCommand, and takes great pride in working in partnership with longtime clients to improve upon them. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys home improvement, eating just about anything, and simply existing in the company of her husband, pets, and plants.